Greenwich Village’s Two for Two: Two New Businesses and Two Upcoming Events

Greenwich Village is known as one of NYC’s hipster hot spots, and it has good reason to be. Its history is extensive: in the late 19th to mid 20th centuries, the Village was an artists’ haven, the bohemian capital, and the center of both the Beat and ’60s counterculture movements. Yet, it is still continuously undergoing commercialization with new storefronts moving in:

RASA: Are your taste buds ready for some authentic Malaysian cuisine? Then look no further than this restaurant located in the heart of Greenwich Village. Rasa, which means “taste” and “feeling” in Malay, is co-owned by two siblings, Chef Tommy Lai and Camie Lai. The siblings have adapted their mother’s recipes of Malaysia’s legendary street food and “choo char” cooking techniques – a style of comfort food, to design the new menu. Their restaurant features traditional dishes such as Kampung Fried Rice and Hainanese Chicken Rice, as well as some more exquisite ones.


Address: 25 West 8th Street, New York, NY 10011

Liquiteria: The iconic Gray’s Papaya on 6th Ave no longer exists, but instead, New York’s oldest cold-pressed juice bar will be adding another storefront at this location by the end of the summer. Since 1996, Liquiteria has been known for its healthy blend of fruit and vegetables, cleanses, and smoothies—as well as its upscale customers. With names of smoothies ranging from “Hangover Cure” and “The Mean Green,” it’s hard to resist such fresh awesomeness in a cup.

Aside from the new businesses, here are some events in Greenwich Village to look forward to in the near future:

Anthony and Cleopatra: Beginning on February 18th, the Public Theater will feature this extravagant performance directed by Tarell Alvin McCraney. Taken from their website: “At the fringes of a war-torn empire, a man and a woman have fallen desperately, passionately in love. But for a soldier set to enforce the imperial will and the queen intent on throwing off the yoke of the empire, there is no place for personal desire. McCraney creates a stripped down new version of Shakespeare’s gripping story of romance set against a world of imperial politics and power play and transports us to 18th century, sun-soaked Saint-Domingue on the eve of revolution.” For more information: click HERE.


Toshi Reagan’s Pete Seeger Community Sing-Along: Relive your memories of Pete Seeger’s music and his legacy as an activist by coming to Joe’s Pub to belt some of your favorite tunes and reminisce about his celebrated life. To those who can’t quite put a face to his music, some of his popular tunes have included, “Where have all the flowers gone?” and “If I had a hammer.”  Be there on February 17th!,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,40/id,7142


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