Bookstores: True Hidden Gems of Manhattan

from our Guest Blogger, Manhattan Sideways

10th 3 Lives 2
Spending time in a bookstore is a wonderfully comforting experience: the smells of old, worn and fresh, new books mingle with the subtle aroma of coffee, the quiet hum of rustling pages, and hushed, contented voices. There is something warm and reassuring about it. In the age of Kindles, Nooks, tablets, and online shopping, bookstores have suffered, becoming forgotten relics struggling to stay afloat. This is especially true for many of the bookstores tucked away on the side streets of Manhattan, which are full of collections of worlds and stories awaiting curious passersby. They serve as community hubs for gathering and exploring. We salute these shops and support them as often as we can.
Independent bookstores are close to our hearts at Manhattan Sideways, so not only is it exciting each time we discover another one on our side street travels, but we are always intrigued by the vast array of themes offered from shop to shop. READ MORE
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