Meet 33rd Street

from our Guest Blogger, Manhattan Sideways

33rd Street 6 AS

What better way to kick off a Manhattan Sideways day than with an early morning half-pound pastrami sandwich alongside some potato latkes? The  2nd Ave Deli  may have lost the accuracy of its name when it moved to 33rd in 2007, but it certainly did not lose the traditional excellence accrued over decades in its original location.

33rd 162 2ndAveDeli 7 - EP

Leaving the deli, we were surrounded by culinary delights on the opposite side of the street. Lined up, one right after the other are  Cask  (American),  Nomado  (Japanese),  Le Parisien  (take a wild guess),  S’Mac  (mac n’ cheese), and  Sapori  (Italian). What an array of choices for the denizens of the block, whether dining out, or eating in. And then there is  Middle Branch, a cocktail bar infused with sophistication.

33rd 2ParkAve QualityHouseWine 1 - EP

Quality House Wines  is a city institution that I knew little about until I serendipitously spoke with the owner. The pedigree of the shop is impeccable, their wines deluxe. Continuing west, there is no shortage of fare surrounding  Madison Square Garden for steak-hungry sports fans with  Wolfgang’s  and  Nick and Stef’s  standing out in particular. Nelly Spillane’s,  Rattle N Hum,  Legends,  Foley’s,  Jack Dempsey’s,  Feile,  Stout, and  Blarney Rock  have led to the coining of the phrase Irish Pub Way for a section of 33rd Street that runs from Fifth to Seventh Avenues. READ MORE.

Check out our Side Picks on 33rd.


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