Celebrate on the Side Streets

from our Guest Blogger, Manhattan Sideways

With a few days off and significant partying to do, how about checking out some of the unique bars of the Side Streets? We recommend celebrating the holidays with handcrafted vodkas, a speak-easy-style spot, and perhaps a haircut.

Nasha Rasha 19th Street 

A profusion of infusions is the hallmark of Nasha Rasha where well over 100 bottles of infused vodkas line the back wall of the bar. These homemade concoctions are all prepared downstairs by Slava, the brains behind this operation.

Nasha Rasha

Blind Barber 10th Street 

What could be wrong with sitting in a classic barber shop chair, having a beer – or two – offered to you while getting a quality hair cut by personable and talented barbers?

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 1.53.06 PM

Celebrate responsibly and click here for more Side Street bar suggestions.


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