Pick Me Up: The Sideways Guide to Coffee

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“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee!” We’ve all heard it, but with these gems nearby no one will have an excuse. Herein lies The Coffee List, Manhattan Sideways’ guide to the most satisfying cups in the city. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur, looking for a new go-to, or just need a change of scenery, unique coffee experiences abound. We all lust for that seriously addicting, magic brew. And, though this list will continue to grow as we (properly caffeinated) head north, here are some of the steller Side Street spots that keep us going.

Below is a little taste, to read the full article click here.

Blue Bottle Cafe, 450 West 15th Street

Named after a 17th century European coffee house, the Blue Bottle Café maintains its traditional footing when it comes to coffee. These days, they have expanded into a network of roasters, cafés, carts and kiosks. Each location still roasts in vintage machines and uses eco-friendly materials, serving the brew within 48 hours of roasting. Set up on two floors of the Milk Building’s former loading dock, the first floor offers no-nonsense coffee – simply espresso, macchiatos, cappuccino, lattes, and mochas, and tea and Blue Bottle brands. Watch the siphon coffee makers and Nel flannel filters prep your drinks while nibbling on a toasted Brioche roll from Amy’s Bakery. With a flair for the old-fashioned, an eye for organic, and the passion needed to provide unadulterated coffee experiences to customers, The Blue Bottle stands out as a true blue haven for caffeine aficionados.

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