Celebrating Small Businesses

Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a more humble day devoted to shopping. We celebrated Small Business Saturday by visiting and revisiting some of our favorite Side Street shops. Showing our support for these local establishments is dear to our hearts and we are committed to “Shopping Small” all year long. We hope you continue to find time this holiday season (and beyond) to check out these great places…and many more.

Blue & Cream – 1st Street 
Who knew? The corner of Bowery and 1st Street is where East Hampton meets the East Village. This upscale men’s and women’s clothing boutique connects the worlds of hip-hop and street art with the designer savvy and the label conscious. Read more.
Blue & Cream
Broadway Panhandler – 8th Street
I believe that anyone entering this epicurean wonderland can be inspired to cook something new. A family-run businesses since 1939, Panhandlers lauds itself for being “a cooks best resources.” And it truly is. Read More.
Broadway Panhandler
Sakaya – 9th Street
Rick Smith and his wife discovered a passion in sake and decided to share it with others. Their simple, yet exquisite shop reflects their love and commitment to this premium drink. Read more.

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