Jim Power: The Mosaic Man

Jim Power

A fixture of the Lower East Side for multiple decades, Jim Power is leaving an indelible mark on the area, or, rather, thousands of tiny marks in the form of his signature colorful tiles. “The Mosaic Man,” as locals affectionately call him, immigrated from Ireland when he was a young lad, fought in the Vietnam War, and came home to join the politically charged scene of the early ’70s. Soon after, Jim began the project of meticulously lining his tiled art on numerous surfaces in the East Village – light poles, bars, bathrooms, cafés, really anywhere and everywhere, indoors and out. Some of his pieces have been torn down over the years, as the cityscape has morphed, but nothing stops Jim. He can be seen at all hours of the day transporting himself around in his motorized scooter with his dog by his side. Jim is constantly creating new pieces of artwork and replacing old ones. It is worth a stroll around the area to discover what one creative, generous, friendly and dedicated man has given to Manhattan – and if fortunate enough to run into him, strike up a conversation. Jim Power knows his city and is passionate about keeping it beautiful.


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