This Week’s Side Street: 14th Street

14th Street, the widest street in Manhattan with over 400 businesses calling it home, is dotted with the rare finds that we, at Manhattan Sideways, strive to seek out. In particular, check out La Rosetta, an outstanding newcomer to the restaurant scene; Jean Shop NYC, a denim hot spot; Beauty Bar, a drinking establishment staying true to its roots; and Beyond Sushi, a vegetarian haven.

W14th 243 LaRosetta 8

La Rosetta

After decades of training everywhere from Switzerland to Venice, the Harvard Club, the Four Seasons, and the Boat House restaurant, chef Fred Mero decided, at long last, to start his own restaurant. Read more.

W14th 435 JeanShopNYC 1

Jean Shop NYC

For nine years, this jean shop sat quietly towards the end of West 14th Street. Eric Goldstein took the chance and opened here well before the glamourati arrived and took over the Meatpacking District. Today, his denim and leather shop has become “the” place to shop, however, we are pleased to report that there is not a hint of pretension from anyone inside. Read more.

14th 231 BeautyBar 3

Beauty Bar

Some seventeen years ago, two guys approached an elderly woman who had owned a beauty salon for quite some time and offered to take over her space. She agreed upon learning that her 1930′s decor would remain. To this day, Beauty Bar has stayed true to its original character. Hair dryers from the 50′s and 60′s and barber shop chairs line the walls. Even manicures are offered nightly but the rest is all about being a bar. Read more.

14th 229 BeyondSushi 4

Beyond Sushi

I would say that what I ate here was beyond spectacular. For me, I could dine on their sushi everyday. I had read that this was virtually a vegan sushi bar, so I knew that I would be able to try just about anything – my only issue was what that should be. Read more


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