Celebrate October…with Beer

Celebrate October…with Beer

In other countries, Oktoberfest runs for just a short time. But here in Manhattan, we keep the party going all month long. Join in the fun at a terrific bar where they take their beer very seriously, or purchase your own to take home and share with friends. Who needs Munich when you have the Side Streets of Manhattan?!
W23rd-69-The Storehouse-9

McSorley’s Ale House – 7th Street

For those who have spent time across the pond, New York’s oldest continuously run bar will bring you back to your favorite English pub, but the Teddy Roosevelt campaign posters on the walls and sawdust on the floor remind you that you are definitely stateside…read more.

BXL Zoute – 22nd Street

 “All you can eat” mussel pots that come with a cold Stella for $22.00 and the array of different sauces to choose from: white wine shallot broth, white wine and cream, endive and cream, wheat beer, cream with bacon and onions, coconut milk with lemon grass and curry. Mussels are not the only food choice. There are other great Belgian dishes, plus simple burgers, pasta and salads. Without a doubt, stopping by BXL for a cold beer and some friendly conversation was exactly what our team needed. Read more.

Good Beer – 9th Street

Just as the name suggests, this is a fabulous beer store to go to for craft beer on tap and in bottles…read more.

Storehouse – 23rd Street

Named after the original Storehouse in Dublin, where Guinness beer has been brewed since its founding in 1759, The Storehouse in Manhattan is an excellent newcomer to the street. A father-son – and daughter – run business, the Ireland natives came to 23rd for the “endless foot-traffic and valued bar life.” Read more.

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