This Weeks Side Street: 4th Street

The Silversmith

Maybe The Silversmith is the smallest space in existence in the Village, but Ruth Kuzub’s longevity far outranks most shops on West 4th Street. She began selling her jewelry here in the 1960′s, and has remained ever since. “I wouldn’t be anywhere else, I just always wished I had a few more square feet.” And after interviewing her for well over an hour, we would say that no one in the village would ever want her to leave. Everyone adores her, as did we.


4th Street Photo Gallery


When I asked Alex Harsley if he knew who owned the 1968 Dodge Dart parked outside his gallery, his response was “that is mine…I purchased it in 1974, and have enjoyed it ever since…my car is all about the good times.” As owner, and photographer, Mr. Harsley describes the 4th Street Photo Gallery as a “museum of the past.” For close to forty years, he has been exhibiting both his own work and that of many other talented photography artists. 4th Street Photo is as much a community as it is a gallery. Since 1971, Mr. Harsley has offered his space as a showcase for photographers of all backgrounds, as well as a meeting place where ideas are exchanged, portfolios are reviewed and new friends are made. It has been instrumental in giving distinguished photographers their first significant New York City solo exhibits. He has also had the incredible good fortune of having spent time photographing both John Coltrane at the Apollo Theater and Mohammed Ali when he was a young fighter. We encourage any art or history enthusiast to take the time to visit 4th Street Photo Gallery and meet this warm and welcoming gentleman, and to peruse his incredible collection of photographs.

Riviera Cafe Sportsbar


There are TVs dotting the walls for sport’s enthusiasts to enjoy games that are happening in all parts of the world, but I just wanted to point out that if you plan to cheer for your favorite New England team, this might be a safe place to do it.

Check out the rest of 4th Street HERE.

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