5 Ways to Create Color Flow in Your Home

Choose Neighborly Colors1. Choose Neighborly Colors

Use colors that lie next or close to each other on the color wheel, such as green, blue and violet. Painting connecting rooms in versions of these color-neighbors produces a smoother flow than choosing unrelated colors for each room.

Trim Ties It Together

2. Trim Ties It Together

Unify any number of rooms by using the same trim color throughout. Painting all of your trim the same color of white is a sure way to create a sense of flow from room to room. There are many shades of white, so select wall colors first, then choose a white that works with all of them.

An Accent on Repitition

3. An Accent On Repetition

An easy strategy to increase color flow is accent color repetition. In each of several rooms you see a single repeated accent color. This can be accomplished with a red accent wall in the dining room, red throw pillows in the living room, or a bowl of red apples in the kitchen.

Same Color, Different Intensity

4. Same Color, Different Intensity

Have one color you really love? Use lighter and darker shades of that color throughout your home to create a unifying thread. Or select colors with similar undertones. If you love reds with blue undertones, look for other colors with blue undertones. A fan deck is a great tool for helping you choose these shades.

Mix It Up

5. Mix It Up

Give each area its own personality while achieving a unified look by choosing two or three colors that work well together and use them in varying amounts from room to room. Perhaps the main wall color in one room becomes the ceiling color in another and an accent color in a third room.

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