7 Apps for New Yorkers

By Guest Bloggers: Ken Cavaliere Klick and Andrew Roderick from Tekserve, 119 West 23rd Street, Chelsea, 10011


transit app

This is a great iOS and Android app for public transportation. By default it will tell you all the transportation nearby and schedules. You can also program in a location, get directions to and from locations, and it’s pretty accurate. It covers subway, bus, rail, even ferry schedules.



Urban Daddy


There are a lot of mobile apps that will find something interesting, but UrbanDaddy manages to come up with surprises, even if you think you know the neighborhood. It’s  clever, sophisticated, fun, and available on iOS and Android.



Smart tools 1

This collection is Android only, but fun in it’s own, very useful way. Need a ruler, or a level to check if a picture is hung straight? A mirror? How about a sound level meter? There’s dozens of practical tools to this collection, some free, some paid but all interesting. Sorry, no hammer. Mobile phones and tablets are tough, but not that tough.



Going On

The New Yorker Magazine hosts this terrific app designed to help you find all the best cultural events going on around the city. You can break it down by day or type of event. If you’re looking to impress that special someone you met on the subway this weekend, just browse through categories such as theatre, dance, readings, or film. You can even search bylocation if you want to match it with the restaurant where you first met.  (Free on iOS & Android)



field trip 1

More down to earth than UrbanDaddy, but no less great, Field Trip is another “let’s have fun!” app for iOS and Android – with a twist. It can notify you of those fun things as you get near them. If you’re driving, Field Trip can automatically “talk” about interesting places and experience around you. It’s like having your own personal tour guide.



Opera Mini

When you’re on the go you want information from the Internet fast. Opera Mini has a great trick: it compresses web pages before sending them to you. Not only do sites load fast, you’re using less data. Opera makes a range of fast browsers for any iOS, Android, and other mobile devices.



Evernote 1Evernote is a popular note taking app, but it also has a few tricks few people know about. The best is being able to “scan” for text or numbers in a photo, and making that information searchable. This is great for remembering “that great place you want to get back to” but never quite remember where “back to” is. Evernote can even pin those images on a map using location services.

Instead of opening your camera app, open Evernote, hit the camera icon, take a picture and save it. In a few minutes Evernote will “scan” for any text in the image and it will be searchable. This also works for business cards, menus, signs, and so on. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.



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