Manhattan Sideways: Traveling down 11th Street

Four of us gathered together the day we went to film at Fleurs Bella. No one wanted to miss this incredible opportunity to meet owner, Bella Meyers, the granddaughter of the revered artist, Marc Chagall. When we walked out, several hours later, we all immediately agreed that this had been our most enchanting experience thus far. Bella is absolutely delightful. Her passion for flowers and her devotion to her stunning shop do not go unnoticed. She is constantly rearranging her inventory and chatting about the floral arrangements that she and her talented staff are creating. A year and a half ago, when I first discovered this shop, I immediately called my mother. I remembered her speaking fondly of Bella many years ago. My mom had the pleasure of interviewing Bella when she was writing a biography, Marc Chagall: Painter of Dreams, and then spoke with her on a panel about Marc Chagall a few years after that.

View the interview here.

Needless to say, my mom was thrilled to learn that Bella had opened this shop. My mom immediately said to me that Bella was very close to her grandfather, and it did not surprise her at all that she would have an affinity for flowers. “She was obviously influenced by her grandfather’s love of flowers and his many paintings of them. Indeed, Chagall always painted with a bouquet of flowers near his palette to remind him of the chemistry of colors,” she told me. For me, I could have listened to Bella speak of the tremendous affection that she had for this great man for many more hours. Her stories of her times with him in France were incredibly heart warming. And what a tribute she has paid to him by having this shop and working her magic both here and at events all over the city! Fleurs Bella is a charming store well worth visiting, as it reflects all of Bella’s own artistic talents and her childhood memories.

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— written by our guest bloggers from Manhattan Sideways

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