The Core Brings You the Best of the Side Streets!


Havens Kitchen – 109 West 17th Street

The Big Apple Core, written by the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, and Manhattan Sideways are partnering to bring you a new side street in Manhattan every Monday!

Manhattan Sideways started as a whimsical idea of crisscrossing the side streets of Manhattan to quickly becoming a highly regarded source that celebrates small businesses and introduces people to all that makes up a neighborhood – especially places that one cannot access by reading newspapers, magazines and the internet. Through vibrant photography and videos alongside detailed descriptions, the Manhattan Sideways team has pounded the pavement to provide information on boutiques, bars, restaurants, galleries, gardens, historic sites and more.

“The Avenues – the major north to south thoroughfares of Manhattan – are well-covered by the media and well-traversed by shoppers and travelers. I wanted to get off the beaten path and explore the side streets. In fact, the development of Manhattan’s iconic grid, starting at 1st Street and continuing up to 155th Street, envisioned the side streets as being of greater importance than the avenues,” explained Betsy Bober Polivy, creator of Manhattan Sideways. “I am literally walking side to side, east to west, beginning on 1st Street and wending my way north. My goal is to walk the numbered side streets and comprehensively document every commercial establishment, and other places of interest, with special feature write-ups along the way.”

Make sure you tune in every Monday to visit a new street!


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