Summer Streets 2013: By foot or by wheel

One continuous bike path from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge (from the Manhattan side) to the historic Central Park, SUMMER STREETS 2013 welcomes everyone from joggers to bloggers to venture up (or down) scenic Park Avenue and explore FREE activities at each of the six REST STOPS along the way. So get your comfy shoes ready because you will be needing them!

For the next three Saturdays, beginning August 3rd, from 7 am to 1 pm, check out these free or inexpensive things to do on and off the road:

See map.



Grab a free rental bike, courtesy of Bike and Roll, at the FOLEY SQUARE rest stop for a more leisurely stroll to Central Park. In case you encounter a bump in the road, visit the bike-pros from Bicycle Habitat at the SOHO rest stop for a free repair. Don’t forget to pick up a complimentary helmet at the MIDTOWN rest stop!

For non-bikers, you can roll your way up or down town by renting a free pair of roller-blades, also at MIDTOWN.



Nibble on free treats at the Cooking Channel booth by FOLEY SQUARE or sample goods from Whole Foods Market vendors at MIDTOWN.

For a heartier diet, park your bike outside of PotBelly on East 17th Street and B’way and enjoy a toasty sandwich, a hand-dipped smoothie, or an all-natural salad.



Literally chill under a powerful, high-tech water mister, or CoolStop, connected to a hydrant at  FOLEY SQUARE to stay cool under the summer sun. Continue chillin’ at 13th Steps, a popular East  Village sports bar, for updates on the Mets vs. Royals game and cold drink specials. If that doesn’t  cool you off,  you can always run past (or through?) the water sprinklers at the UPTOWN rest stop.   



Get creative with sand art on the street or practice funny-faces in front of the photo booth UPTOWN.  Challenge your art skills a little further at Paint Along on East 27th Street and see if  your brush strokes are up to par.

Let us know what you did during Summer Streets! Tweet @GVCChamber #SummerStreetsNYC


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