Power Hour – Lunchtime Fun!

Get fit, stay fit.

Chelsea Piers Fitness Center

Chelsea Piers Fitness Center

According to Forbes, one of the best ways  to reduce stress and improve productivity is to exercise during your lunch break.  Everyone might have their own workout schedule, but energy and concentration often dip toward midday.  So, instead of following your colleagues to Chipotle, grab a healthy snack and hit the gym!  Women’s Health has some great recommendations on what to eat, as well as what to avoid.  You can pick any of them up at Cafe Beyond!

Here are a few recommendation on where you can boost your fitness:  McBurney YMCA, Chelsea Piers Health Club, Crunch Chelsea, Randi Zinn and Progressive Personal Training.

Treat yourself.

Angel Feet Reflexology

Angel Feet Reflexology

Get a massage and shampoo, or a classic mani-pedi. But make sure you go somewhere close by to avoid wasting precious time in transit, and always make an appointment. You can eat  while getting pampered.  Short lunch breaks are also a great time to catch up on small beauty fixes — get a trim, pluck your eyebrows or just a relaxing facial.

Here are a few places you can treat yourself:  Exhale Mind Body Spa, Red Market Salon, Vada Spa or Angel Feet Reflexology are all great options!

Make a difference.



When talking about philanthropy, Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” Many of us agree with Mr. Einstein and frequently attended or organized after hours fundraisers for a local charities or nonprofit organizations. But, why not turn your lunch hour into a way to support a good cause? Lets face it, we all like to help out but many of us  would prefer to avoid midweek happy hours leaving you exhausted the next day. Need help? Check out these tips for putting on a successful fundraiser.

Need a good cause? Choose on of our nonprofit partners to fundraise for and we will design your invite, send it out to our list of over 8,000 contacts and cover your event on our blog! Check out our directory for a full list of organization or email info@villagechelsea.com for some recommendations.

Learn something.

Course Horse

Course Horse

According to the Huffington Post research suggests that learning a new language, at any age, not only will enhance your next vacation or better prepare you for an upcoming business trip, it can also make you a better listener, boost your creativity, spur brain growth, and for some people, even delay Alzheimer’s.  ABC languages offers a wide variety of classes to to fit any schedule.

Ciao for now!


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