This Saturday on July 20th from 11AM to 5PM, on Charlton Street between Varick and 6th Avenue, the GVCCC will be hosting the Urban Lawn Party, transforming Charlton street into a free public block party filled with activities for everyone. People of all ages are invited to come picnic, lounge, and play at the Urban Lawn Party, while enjoying free activities and giveaways.  Make sure you RSVP here so we can notify you in case of a rain check, which would occur the following day, Sunday July 21st.

Here is a list of five things not to miss while attending the party:

1. The Lawn | Sponsored by New York University

A lawn party can’t be complete without an actual lawn of grass.  Though the event will be held on a traditional New York street, we will have two 800 square foot lawns of lush Kentucky Bluegrass for attendees to enjoy anyway they wish.  Feel free to walk your dogs, play with your kids, or simply lounge around on the fresh sod in the city.

2.  Express Manicures | Sponsored by Exhale Mind Body Spa


You’ve had a long week of work, and you just want to relax and get your nails ready for Saturday night out.  Luckily, Exhale Mind Body Spa will be giving express manicures all day long for anyone looking for a little free pampering to mix into their day.  Drop by anytime from 11-5, sit back and enjoy an outdoor manicure (don’t worry about bringing your wallet).

3.  Pet Activities 

The Lawn Party will not be lacking things for your furry friends to enjoy.  Treat your little best friend right (and for free) with any of the services that will be at the event:  visit the Mobile Doggie Boutique and enjoy some canine amenities courtesy of With Love Ivan, or let your pet cool down, relax, or play in a Doggie Pool.  Grab your little guy a treat, or receive behavior consultations, thanks to Devoted 2 Dogs.  If you don’t a pet, but have been thinking about getting one, stop by the Mayor’s Alliance Pet Adoption station that will be on hand as well.  It will be a great time for you and your pets to enjoy, so don’t be shy and bring them to the party!

4. Cardio Boxing Class | Sponsored by Tapactive

If you’re trying to get a Saturday workout in, the boxing classes, hosted by Tapactive, are perfect for you.  You’ll enjoy a high-intensity cardiovascular workout mixed with jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks designed to get you on your way to a leaner body and a healthier state of mind. This 30-minute class mixes up the routine with flexibility and strength-building moves. No equipment is used and gloves are not required, as all fitness levels are welcome. Due to space constraints, entrance is limited, reserve your FREE spot today! Contact hello@tapactive.com with any questions.

Class 1 | 3:30PM – 4:00PM

Class 2 | 4:30PM – 5:00PM

5. Sno Balls, Cupcakes, and 100% Raw Coconut Water 

Who doesn’t like some free snacks and drinks on a nice and sunny New York day? At the Lawn Party, there will be a variety of free treats on hand for everyone to enjoy.  Come cool off with a frosty Imperial Woodpecker Sno Ball, decorate and delight in a Sweet Generation Cupcake, or quench your thirst by trying Harmless Harvest’s 100% Raw Coconut Water (from 1PM-3PM).  These are just a few of the many free refreshments that will be served at the event, so come and experience the day to try everything there.

These are just a handful of the over 50 booths at the Urban Lawn Party, each providing a unique experience.

Check out more at www.urbanlawnparty.com


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