Many around New York have heard of Michael Sinensky, GVCCC Member, as being one of the city’s prestigious entrepreneurs and event planners, but little may know about Sinensky’s charitable generosity over the last eight months.

Sinensky Headshot

Owner of prominent bars, the Village Pourhouse, Hudson Terrace, SideBAR, Little Town, House of ‘Que, and Tres Carnes, Sinensky turned his attention to improving his childhood community, the Rockaways, immediately after Superstorm Sandy smashed through the Northeast’s coast in October of last year.

Co-founding the nonprofit organization, Friends of Rockaway, Sinensky has since developed the group into an established institution dedicated to restoring and rebuilding the severely impacted area of Queens, and just recently received a grant of $720,000 by the Red Cross to further improve Sandy’s affected regions.  Along with the Red Cross’s grant, The NYC Home Repair Consortium donated another $750,000 to the charity.

Sinensky’s organization has accumulated a total of $2.5 million, and hired many local contractors, plumbers, and electricians to join his team of six full-time employees in reconstruction effort.  Though Sinensky recognizes the extremity of repair needs, he plans to oversee the complete Rockaway revival in the next several years after the Friends of Rockaway’s continued hard work.

Besides starting Friends of Rockaway, Sinensky also used his businesses to help employ those who lost their job due to Sandy in the months following.  During a time when the majority of foundations have slowed or altogether halted their help with victims of the storm, Sinensky continues to take pride in promoting aid for those affected.

“Its a real privilege to be able to use my businesses as a vehicle for philanthropy. It not only helps the charitable causes, but enriches the for-profti business as well,”  Sinensky said.

Sinensky’s ability to balance time between his entrepreneurial endeavors and nonprofit work is an inspiring story for local New Yorkers, and the Friends of Rockaway is expected to benefit over 170 homes in the next two years.


To volunteer or donate to the Friends of Rockaway, click here for more details.

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