Things We Do When Our Internet Doesn’t Work

1. Pace Around. “Okay, let me walk to the refrigerator, and when I get back, this internet better behave.”


2. Get very, very angry. “WHY ME? WHYYY?”

via harry potter puppet pals
3. Clean out the refrigerator. And when I say clean, I mean eat everything in sight.


4. Cry.


5. Keep refreshing. Keep refreshing. Keep refreshing. Did anyone ever tell you that the definition of insanity was to repeat the same motion and expect a different outcome? Well… now you know.


Now that you’ve gone through those motions, you are about to repeat them from the beginning. Until you get too tired and go to sleep, or your Internet God finally accepts your penance and grants you some relief.

Outsmart your Internet God by getting some IT help next time.

The Little Laptop Shop
7 Clinton St,

Bit x Bit
115 West 29th Street, 4th floor,

119 West 23rd Street,

Cyber City
224 West 30th Street, Suite 1100,



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