4 Ways You Know It’s New York City Summertime

Every year, we’re all complaining about the cold, wishing it were warmer, waiting for the sun to come out. Then, one day, all our wishes come true. And we hit ourselves over the head for not appreciating winter more.

1. You have to hold your breath as you exit the subway. What even is that smell? Actually, nevermind. Don’t answer that.

via thefrozenmisery.tumblr.com

2. The crowd density on your daily commute has exponentially increased. 

via ideacatalog.tumblr.com

3. It is too humid to even think about what to do. We all just kind of crawl around, sweating on each other, and collapse randomly.


via cheezburger.com

3. Everything is sticky. As soon as you drop your first bead of sweat, game over.

via forgifs.com

4. You begin to wish that this was your main method of transportation. 

Dragging Cat

via gifs8.com

Start your air conditioners, ladies & gentlemen.


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